Finding the best credit cards can certainly seem like sifting through a haystack for a needle. While it is quite common to hear the negative repercussions of credit card usage, using these cards in a positive way is seldom discussed. 

When used responsibly, credit cards can get you perks and benefits. Additionally, cards can often help businesses level up when used strategically. There are even some that will afford you no interest. Whether you are searching for the best business credit cards or for a card with travel rewards, this article will give you tips to find the best card for your goals. 

Best Business Credit Cards

Not everyone will qualify for or need a business card, but for those who do it is crucial to choose from the best business credit cards. This tool can help you equip your business with building credit and expanding your business opportunities. 

To find the best business credit cards, it is often easiest to begin your research by deciding what is most important to you with a line of credit. Some cards will offer you travel rewards, while others promote a sign-on bonus or a generous line of credit. 

Generally, businesses with corporate-sized accounts are offered a different set of bonuses and perks than personal accounts, just due to the sheer volume of available credit. This does not mean that those who have smaller businesses or start-ups can’t get excellent benefits as well. 

For those who have a business that is in the starting phases, the best small business credit card available is often found through similar research. Again, you will need to know what your goals are and why you are seeking a line of credit, and then look for something that works accordingly. 

It is important to note that even the best small business credit card will hold the account holder personally liable for any outstanding charges should the business fail. In other words, be very selective with who you entrust a card to. 

Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Opening a new line of credit can often be a strategy employed by those who have a higher balance elsewhere they wish to consolidate. This means you can transfer a balance of your higher-APR card to a low or even zero APR card instead.

The best balance transfer credit cards are generally available to those who have excellent credit. Even if your credit is less than stellar, it is possible to transfer some of your balance and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. 

While searching for the best credit cards that will let you transfer balances, there are several things you need to consider. First of all, pay close attention to the introductory rate for the card, and make sure to note how long it will last for. Often a card will offer you a very low or even zero APR introduction rate, but this rate may only be good for nine months or a year. Note that law requires any introductory APR rate to last for at least six months minimum.

Additionally, applicants will need to note the purchase APR. Some of the best balance transfer credit cards have low purchase rates, while others have a higher rate for new purchases. Even if you are planning on only using the card to transfer a balance, it is still important to know what the rate for purchases is. 

Best Credit Card for Travel Miles

One of the most common reasons people apply for cards is to earn rewards that will help them travel more frequently or more lavishly. What earns a spot as the best travel credit card will depend vastly on your travel goals. 

For example, someone searching for the best credit card for travel miles will earn more miles by selecting an airline they would like to earn this perk through. This is called a branded card since the rewards can only be utilized for that one airline. The same goes for hotels. The best travel credit cards in terms of rewards will often be branded cards for specific hotel chains. 

For those who prefer flexibility, however, choosing a general card is the better way to go. This will allow you to redeem points for hotels, flights and experiences that aren’t limited by a brand name. 

Regardless of if you opt for a branded or non-branded card, you should look for similar perks in each. Ideally, a good travel card will offer you an enticing sign-up bonus as well as high rewards. Often, the sign-up bonus is given to you after a set time period in which you spent a minimum amount of money. For example, an airline card may offer you a free roundtrip flight if you spend $2,000 in the first month. 

Best Rewards Credit Cards

If you are searching for the best rewards credit cards, the easiest place to start is to consider what places you would actually use rewards at. For example, a coffee shop may partner with a bank to give credit card rewards, but what good is a free latte weekly if you detest coffee?

Start by making a list of the places you frequent the most, or places that you spend the most money at. The grocery store may not be your dream destination, but it is a safe bet that you would likely spend a $20 grocery gift certificate. Likewise, a gas station credit card isn’t exactly glamorous, but those with a long daily commute can certainly benefit from gas perks. 

Often, the best rewards credit cards are for places you would like to spend more time at. A massage parlor chain or national spa may have a credit card program where you can receive free facials or massages, which is certainly a benefit of paying bills.

Remember, the best cards help you meet your goals, whether they are business growth or free coffee. As with everything, it is important to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions of any offer before signing in agreement.