A job search can be a draining time for many people, while others look forward to a fresh start in a new role. Most people will get a new position at some point in their careers whether they love or hate the process. As it is rare to be headhunted and pursued by another company, most people will need to learn to navigate the job searching process.

The most helpful and convenient tools a job seeker can utilize are job search sites. There are dozens of different ones, each with thousands of jobs that can be applied to. To conserve efforts, it is well worth knowing which sites are the best to use. This article will also disclose some helpful job search tips will also be disclosed. Keep reading to learn how to search for—and get—your new dream job.

Helpful Job Search Tips

Knowing how to land your next job can seem daunting. However, these handy job search tips will land you in the best position possible for an interview opportunity:

  • Spruce up your resume. If you have not done this in several years, it is time to refresh your resume. Make sure to add any relevant special projects or skills that are relevant to the type of role you are seeking.
  • Create a profile on job search sites. While it doesn’t happen often, sometimes recruiters do not receive enough qualified applicants for a role, so they will search for potential candidates through job boards.
  • Create a professional email. If your email is reminiscent of your first AOL screen name, it is time for an update. The simplest thing to do is use your name to make a new email address on your favorite provider’s network.
  • Work your network. There is nothing that can get your foot in the door as well as having a connection that can advocate on your behalf. Reach out to those who are in your field and see what options are open.

The Best Job Search Engines

The biggest tip for seeking a new role is to utilize job search sites. These sites will allow you to search through vast networks of open positions for your next job.

The sheer volume of opportunities can be overwhelming, so make sure to use the filter section. These will help you narrow down available roles based on items such as experience required, geographical location, whether it is a full-time role or contract and potential salary. Here are two of the most popular websites that top the list of best job search engines.


Believe it or not, using Google as a job search is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to search for a job, thanks to its simplicity. To utilize it, simply type in the type of position you are seeking into the Google job search bar—it is the same as the general Google search bar.

Google will use its algorithms to pull up a list of jobs that matches what you are searching for. They will not appear as regular search results, but rather within a box at the top of the search result page.

Perhaps the reasons Google is considered one of the best job search engines is because the search giant has an agreement with CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn, Facebook and numerous other job search networks. This means that rather than seek for jobs on each individual site, you can instead perform a job search on Google.


One of the few major job sites that has not partnered with Google is Indeed job search. Indeed is a network that can rival any other, and is an extremely easy search tool to use. The benefit of using the Indeed job search website is that you will have more control over your filters, which will often yield more accurate results.

If you want to make sure you are utilizing the best search site, then it is a best practice to search for jobs using both of the methods listed above. Likewise, other job search sites that are specific to your field are great options.